FreeBird Films

Freebird films is a production company that develops and produces creative short and feature independent documentaries. We are interested in cinema forms that observe reality, explore our relationship with time and question today’s world through a singular and personal, as well as a sensitive and generous approach.

Since our creation, we have succeeded to produce one short film for BBC in Arabic (Mediterranean Spring) and one feature documentary that was screened in tens of cinema theaters around Europe and the Middle East (Route 60 – An itinerary beyond borders). Currently, we have several projects under development and are working with international partners to bring them to life.


Alaa Ashkar

Founder of Freebird Films, Alaa Ashkar is a Palestinian Director born in Galilee. After he finished Law degree in Israel, he moved to France in 2005 where he finished his Masters degree in Political Science. Since 2006 he had several work experiences around the Mediterranean with international NGOs in the cultural field. During these experiences, he developed more and more desire to express his point of views and observations in an audio-visual form. Route 60 was his first feature documentary. His work is marked by the human condition in the contemporary world, situations of absurd, contradictions and irony.