Why crowdfunding?

In a world increasingly regulated, where the priorities of topics – as well as the way treating them – are imposed by political agendas conditioning our visions, freethinking seems threatened more than ever.

In fact, audiovisual production budgets are for the most part imposed by a highly politicized distribution market. A film that would be probably censored during distribution, will struggle to get a grant. The artistic quality of a film, its boldness and sincerity are hence faced with production constraints interfering even in the personal intention of the director. More specifically, when it treats the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, grant opportunities diminish quickly if the film does not fit in certain political distribution slots, such as showing a symmetry in sufferings and rights between Israelis and Palestinians, or, when the film treats the sensitive issue of memory, we observe that funded films are almost non-existent. Rather, we are invaded by information that makes the situation confusing. We believe that this is a media strategy that seeks to manipulate the viewer, Keeping him with mixed feelings. How many times we have heard people say: “I can’t understand… All this seems too complicated to me… Its a religious conflict that dates since antiquity… etc.” We believe that things are simpler, but there are so many obstacles that prevent films in treating the fundamental issues of the conflict. Thus, the status quo is maintained, allowing Israel to continue its settlement and manipulation policies, even on its own population, which for the most part, is not aware of the hidden history of Palestinians, or does not consider the human side of the Palestinians. We think that pro-Israeli lobby is unjust, not by being pro-Israel, on the contrary, we believe in a free and democratic society where everyone should have the right to express his point of view. It is rather the manipulation of public opinion and preventing expressing other point of views in an equitable manner that bothers us.

In this context, the production of this pacifist freethinking film needs your support. You can act to defend humanistic and universal expressions. If such expressions are diffused, Israel does not fear for its existence as it alerts us all the time, neither ot fears a rise of anti-Semitism, it rather fears breaking all the physical and psychological barriers it wishes to maintain to prevent healthy communication between Palestinians and Israelis.

You can take action against amalgam, turning in on oneself and fear of the Other. Thanks to your efforts, even the most modest ones, together we can bring this project to life. Lets also produce, not only consume.

Changing the world starts with changing oneself. Believing so is not enough, one must act!

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