Road 60 – An itinerary beyond borders

Road 60 – An itinerary beyond borders

A film by Alaa Ashkar. Documentary | 2013 | 74 min | Color | VOST (French, English, Spanish)


A poetic journey that I take to the daily lives of Palestinians in the West Bank, during which I encounter dreams and passions, hope and despair. For the first time in my life, as Palestinian citizen in Israel, I went out living under occupation far from my clichés of the past…

Technical sheet

Producer/Distributer  : Freebird Films
Director : Alaa Ashkar
Visa CNC : 138371
Dealer number  : 3538
Format : DCP, DVD ou Beta Cam SP
Color, stereo, 16/9
Subtitles : Français, anglais, espagnol
Duration : 74 min


Road movie au cœur de la Palestine –


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Road 60 clip